POINT-U5 CNC Bed type milling machine

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  • Controller: HEIDENHAIN TNC 128, one axis CNC control
  • Table dimensions: 470~950 x 1700~3900mm
  • X axis: 1200~3200mm
  • Y axis: 600~1050
  • Z axis: 550~850mm
  • Spindle power: 7.5~15kW


Based on the KMB series, the POINT series with HEIDENHAIN TNC124 is fully adequate for straight cut control in milling, drilling and tapping, and is supported by a floating tap holder and an even circular path with circle hole patterns up to 999 holes. Professional assembly and hand scraping skills have been utilized. The universal bi-rotary heads consisting of up head and low head can be turned to any desired angle and therefore vertical, horizontal and combined angle milling is possible. The column is of a rugged box-type construction and its ground slide ways are wide to support and guide the spindle head securely. (The column of POINT-U6 and POINT-U7 is hardened and ground). The bed is a one piece construction with a double box of lubrication oil and coolant. The hardened and ground slide ways of the bed provide high stability to the saddle. The saddle has a rigid box-type construction to cope with loads during heavy-duty cutting. It is supported by the wide slide ways of the bed to assure stable movement. Biplast (anti-friction material) ensures the smooth movement of the axis. Also an AC servo motor is adopted for infinitely variable feed movement. Feed change by a dial on the panel makes for easier operation and for choosing the appropriate feed speed.

Other specs

  • TABLE:
    • Length (mm): 2000
    • Width (mm): 530
    • T-slot/Width/Distance (mm): 5/20/80
    • Max permissible load (kg): 2000
    • X axis (mm): 1400
    • Y axis (mm): 600
    • Z axis (mm): 650
    • Height from table to vertical spindle nose (mm): 40 - 690
    • Height from table to horizontal spindle nose (mm): 50 - 700
  • SPEED:
    • Rapid (mm/min): 5000 (X,Y) / 2500 (Z)
    • Feed (mm/min): 2000 (X,Y) / 1000 (Z)
    • Taper: ISO50
    • Speed (rpm): 40-1720(50Hz)
    • Speed (rpm): 40-1620(60Hz)
    • No. of spindle speeds (No.): 12
    • Drive motor (kw): 7.5
    • Length (mm): 4660
    • Width (mm): 2525
    • Height (mm): 2700
  • WEIGHT (kg): 7000

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