RTW1000 CNC Bed type milling machine

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  • Controller: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530, SIEMENS 840D, FANUC 31i
  • Table dimensions: 1800~2200 x 1800~2200, 3000x2000mm
  • X axis: 3000,4000,5000,6000mm
  • Y axis: 1350,1500mm
  • Z axis: 1600,2000,2500mm
  • W axis: 1200,1500,2000mm
  • Feed: XYZ8000,W5000mm
  • Rapid: XYZ16000,W10000mm
  • Spindle power: 28/42kW


The RTW1000 is designed for heavy machining of big sized parts with a moving column and big rotary table. This big rotary table can support work pieces of up to 20,000kg. This integrated system with NC rotary table into 3 axes (X,Y,Z) + 2 axes (C,W) adopts a column movement while the rotary table moves longitudinally so the machine is more convenient when multi-face machining in a single setup. Furthermore, double work scope due to column cross and ram cross movement is extremely stable with high rigidity suitable for deeper hole operations and fine finishing operations. Column cross movement to 2000mm and Ram cross movement to 1500mm, performs 5-face machining of  big and long work pieces efficiently with high accuracy. It is very easily accessible at any working area with two front doors and one rear door, and the operator’s protection is provided, including complete enclosures which allow for perfect chip disposal, and noise reduction.

Other specs

    • Surface (mm): 1800~2200x1800~2200 / 3000X2000
    • T-slot/Width (mm): 8x22H12, 1x22H7
    • Distance (mm): 200
    • Max permissible load (kg): 15000~20000
    • Auto indexing, continuous (°): 0.001
    • Longitudinal (mm): 3000/4000/5000/6000
    • Cross(Ram) (mm): 1350/1500
    • Cross(Column) (mm): 1200/1500/2000
    • Vertical (mm): 1600/2000/2500
  • FEED:
    • Axis (mm/min): 8000(X,Y,Z), 5000(W)
    • Rapid (mm/min): 16000(X,Y,Z), 10000(W), 4~3(C)
    • Drive motor (Nm): 70(X), 27(Y), 50(Z), 70(C), 50/70(W)
    • Taper: ISO50
    • Speed (rpm): 4000 (2 step : 0~1000, 1001~4000) Programmable universal head available 2,5° x 2,5° to 0,001 x 0,001
    • Drive motor (kW): 28/42
  • WEIGHT (kg): 40000~60000

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