SUPER MiMAX Double column machining center

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  • Controller: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530, SIEMENS 840D, FANUC 31i
  • Table dimensions: 1800~3500 x 3500~10000mm
  • X axis: 3700~10300mm
  • Y axis: 3000~5500mm
  • Z axis: 800~1600mm
  • Feed: 10000mm
  • Rapid: 20000mm
  • Spindle power: 22/33, 28/42kW


MiMAX series is an ultra performance bridge type machining center with a universal head. It has a powerful milling performance, using 42kW of power and 1638Nm of torque. For heavy duty cutting or high speed machining, spindle varieties (gear type, belt type and direct type) are available. Thanks to its built-in automatic positioning with a 2 axis head (up head and low head) for the MiMAX series, especially suitable for machining from 5 sides and an extremely rigid and strong machine structure with machine weights of 115tons, guaranteeing high milling capacity of up to 30tons for workpiece weights. High rigidity INA LM linear guide ways on the X, Y axes for heavy duty cutting, fast movement and low abrasion capabilities, make MiMAX highly accurate, and the Z-axis is equipped with a highly rigid box way which is hardened and precisely ground, suitable for heavy duty cutting conditions (if equipped with a high speed spindle system, the Z-axis can be equipped with roller type linear guide ways). Available option; automatic head change system available and vertical/horizontal ATC to provide maximum efficiency as a 5 face machining center.

Other specs

  • COLUMN CLEARANCE (mm): 2300~4500
  • TABLE:
    • Length & Width (mm): 1800~3500x3500~10000
    • :
    • Longitudinal (mm): 4000~10500
    • Cross (mm): 3000~5500
    • Vertical (mm): 800/1000/1200/1600/2000
  • FEED:
    • Axis (mm/min): 10000
    • Rapid (mm/min): 20000(X,Y,Z)
    • Motor (kW): 22/33, 28/42
    • Speed (rpm): 3000 (2 step : 0~1125, 1126~3000) Programmable universal head available 2,5° x 2,5° to 0,001 x 0,001
  • WEIGHT (kg): 45000~90000

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