RiGiTRAX Floor type milling center

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  • Controller: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530, SIEMENS 840D, FANUC 31i
  • Table dimensions: 6000~10000 x 1150,1300mm (each 2000mm)
  • X axis: 4000,6000,8000,10000mm
  • Y axis: 1350,1500mm
  • Z axis: 1600,2000mm
  • Feed: 8000mm
  • Rapid: 16000mm
  • Spindle power: 28/42kW


The RiGiTRAX is designed for heavy duty machining with a longitudinal moving column for shuttle operation. It can support work pieces of up to 15,000kg. It has a powerful milling performance, using 42kW of power  and 1636Nm of torque. There is a wide range of configurations on multiple axes and X-axis movement with a Twin-Drive system is composed of a preloaded rack and pinion system with 2 servo motors for “dynamic movement”. One is actually driving, while the other is braking to be “backlash free”. Double work scope due to column cross and ram cross movement and moving column performs in 2 work-spaces. One work-space for machining, the other work-space for setting. Using the quickly installed work-space partition, the work pieces can be divided easily for shuttle operation. The column base has 6 INA roller shoes (4 on the rail, 2 below the rail) and center, below-embedded INA steel in the rail performs “high geometric accuracy” and ‘Stick-Slip free’ movement. Also 230mm wide rail supports hold the heavy column solidly.

Other specs

  • TABLE:
    • Length (mm): 6000/8000/10000/12000
    • Width (mm): 1150/1300
    • T-slot/Width/Distance (mm): 9/22/125
    • Max permissible load (kg/㎡): 3500
    • Longitudinal (mm): 4000/6000/8000/10000
    • Cross (mm): 1350/1500
    • Vertical (mm): 1600/2000
  • FEED:
    • Axis (mm/min): 8000
    • Rapid (mm/min): 16000(X,Y,Z)
    • Drive motor (Nm): 70x2(X), 27(Y), 50(Z)
    • Taper: ISO50
    • Speed (rpm): 4000 (2 step : 0~1000, 1001~4000) Programmable universal head available 2,5° x 2,5° to 0,001 x 0,001
    • Drive motor (kW): 28/42
  • WEIGHT (kg): 46000/50000/54000/58000

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